Create Dramatic Interiors With Wallcoverings

Create Dramatic Interiors With Wallcoverings
Apr 30 2019

Give your home distinct flair and drama with unique wallcoverings which are making a comeback, and offering homeowners a cool, retro way to make a style statement in any space.

When used right, wallpaper can enhance and distinguish your home interiors from any other, while also hiding inherent flaws of your home. You can capture attention and shift the focus to aesthetically-appealing and intriguing wall treatments and papers. Learn how you can create drama throughout your home with high-quality wallcoverings.


Welcome visitors to your home with a foyer that is decked-out in designer and vintage wallpapers.

Use toned-down neutrals to meld with the natural environment surrounding the entrance to your home and gently guide visitors inside or make a striking statement with something big and bold, like a tropical pattern or uniquely-textured wallcovering. Decorate with accent lighting to illuminate and highlight your walls.

To get a perfect fit, measure the footage and shop online or with home interior retailers.

Living Areas

Wallpaper is a great way to make a distinctive style statement in the home - and what better place to do this than in the communal living area.

Use patterned paper to create a mural or view, of sorts, of the natural surroundings of your home; for instance, use paper depicting birch trees, carefully lined up to match, for a home in a rural setting. These papers are a clever way to create a view and visual interest when there may not be much of a surrounding landscape to gaze at.


Didn't think you could find tough and resilient kitchen wallcoverings? Shoppers will find moisture resistant varieties widely available which are easy to hang.

Wallpapering the kitchen and dining areas of your home promises quick transformation results at a low cost, which saves money for other home improvement projects and upgrades.


Don't neglect your bedroom - after all, it is the space that you go to for restoration and rejuvenation. Give it a fresh face with some easy and inexpensive wallpapering ideas; create striking walls but in a soothing way with soft hues.

Fade-out your patterned wall with a neutral border around the ceiling, or try mixing and matching printed wallcoverings in the room, like florals with pinstripes or geometric patterns.


Bring the hall of your home to life with printed and patterned wallpaper. Sometimes a hall becomes wasted space, either too narrow or too dim to be functional or featured. Instead of letting your hall go to waste, make it a highlight of the home with wallcoverings that mimic faux architectural details, like planks, moldings, or murals.

You could also get wallpaper that offers three-dimensional designs that seemingly pop from the wall and are perfect for smaller spaces, like a hallway.


As mentioned, you can use wallpaper in a damp or humid environment so consider redoing your bathroom with it. Wallpaper is a cost-efficient redecorating method, and if you add a durable semi-gloss paint for the bathroom, the results are impressive.

When shopping for bathroom wallcoverings, make sure to ask the sales staff about unique textured papers for the bathroom that will hold up to humidity without peeling or fading over time.

You can cover your own walls with papers and products found at home improvement and interior design sites, however, you will need some basic supplies. Talk to retailers for input related to basic tools and adhesives that are recommended for the wallcoverings you choose to use.

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