An Empty Nest? Convert That Extra Bedroom Into Something Spectacular

An Empty Nest? Convert That Extra Bedroom Into Something Spectacular
Feb 27 2019

Has a son or daughter moved out recently? If you find that you have a spare bedroom in your empty nest, transform the space into something special, just for you.

Dramatically turn your extra room into a distinctive and useful space without major construction, refurbishment, or expense. In fact, you can makeover any spare room using window and wall treatments, furniture, and a few accents to change the room into a space that you can utilize daily.

What will you convert your extra bedroom space into?

A Luxurious Retreat

Turn the former bedroom into a luxurious retreat to meditate, do yoga, or simply relax. Remove as much of the furniture as you can and assess the flooring for visible damage. Open up the space with window treatments that let natural light in, like gauzy panels or paper shades. Some other tips include:

  • Skip the traditional furniture and use large floor pillows and bean bags for a Bohemian touch.
  • Remove shades or globes from existing light fixtures and replace with light and airy paper lantern-style shades.
  • Invest in a ceiling medallion to position and secure in the center of your ceiling for a cool architectural touch and a focal point during meditation.

Creating a serene sanctuary out of a spare room is easy and inexpensive. Consider storing or donating any unwanted bedroom furniture to start your design project with a clean slate. 

A Productive Work space

Have you considered turning the spare bedroom into your own home office? Turn a conventional bedroom into an austere workspace with some unique wall coverings; use leather panels, tin tile, wood paneling, and wainscoting to completely transform the looks of the room.

Cover the wall with wainscoting about halfway up and trim with chair rail molding for a sophisticated look.

An Artistic Studio

Get the creative juices flowing with your own arts and crafts studio. This is a transformation that will store all your supplies and work materials, keeping the rest of the home relatively clutter-free.

Remove heavy window treatments for extra light, and keep furniture to a minimum. Some clever storage solutions for your studio include these ideas:

Take advantage of vertical space for storing supplies and notions. Use slatted shelves and stagger them on a wall to contain all of your materials.
Find pretty jars and glass vessels to hold your smaller items throughout the room. Vintage canisters and even plant pots make unique containers.
Invest in furniture that serves double-duty as a storage solution. Chairs, ottomans, and tables with hidden cavities, compartments, and drawers work well in the home.
Position your drawing table, sewing machine, or easel near the windows to garner as much natural light as possible for your projects.

A Home Library

Do you have a lot of books? Consider changing the room into a library that holds all of your family's books in one place. Invest in floor-to-ceiling shelves or bookcases, which you may find at thrift stores in your area.

Include lots of task lights and pendant lights for reading, and add a couple of large comfy armchairs to round out your furnishings for the space.

Consider investing in new window treatments and wall coverings, and shop for the rest of your needed furnishings and fixtures from your own home. Bring items in from all of the rooms in your home to curb costs on accents, lighting, and furniture when making over your spare space.

If your nest has recently become a bit empty, visit D. Schultz Interiors, Inc., to transform and update your spare bedroom. Transform an unused room into a space that will fit in and help out during the next chapter of your life!