Gorgeous Wall Covering Ideas for the KitchenGorgeous Wall Covering Ideas for the Kitchen

Gorgeous Wall Covering Ideas for the KitchenGorgeous Wall Covering Ideas for the Kitchen
Nov 09 2018

Wallpaper and wall coverings are very similar in that they both provide color and pattern to the walls. Essentially, wallpaper is a paper-based style of wall covering. However, manufacturers sometimes denote vinyl-coated paper, which makes the product more durable, as wall covering.

Regardless, wall coverings are ideal for the kitchen. The key is to choose attractive and durable wallpaper for this highly used space. From there, choose an idea from below to add style to your kitchen.

Bold Floral Pattern

Floral patterning is one of the most popular wallpaper options. However, you may not immediately associate bold floral patterns with the kitchen. Indeed, they are somewhat uncommon, which is what helps you use them as a statement item in your décor.

The overall effect of your floral wallpaper depends on how you decide to match it to the paint. The wallpaper can stand alone. For example, you could use a bold floral paper to highlight a single wall in an otherwise neutral palette kitchen.

Conversely, you could take an accent color from the pattern and pull it through to the rest of the kitchen. This method can result in a large saturation of color, making it more suitable for a larger kitchen. You'll still want to ground the look with some neutral hues, like in the cabinetry or the countertops.

Classic French Scene

Another standout wall covering pattern takes its inspiration from the French countryside. Toile is literally a print depicting a bucolic scene. The pattern can come fully colored. However, with wall coverings, you more often see a dominant color such as blue, pink, or grayscale on a neutral white or off-white background.

Toile wallpaper would be ideal for a sophisticated kitchen, especially one that carries a French country theme. In that sense, you may want to choose cabinetry with furniture detailing for the old-world appeal. You can also choose light fixtures and other accessories with more ornate profiles.

That said, bi-color toile wallpaper is inherently clean looking. You can easily utilize this pattern in a contemporary kitchen. For example, the modern aesthetic promotes using bright colors in your décor. You could have streamlined cabinets painted with the dominant color from the pattern. Just make sure all the lines within your kitchen façade feature a sense of minimalism.

Black-and-White Geometry

If contemporary style appeals to you, consider choosing a wall covering with boldly obvious geometry. In this case, look for a black-and-white print with clear shapes in the pattern. By design, this pattern is certain to be big, which can be overwhelming in large quantities.

To that end, you'll want to utilize this wall covering sparingly. Perhaps you'll paper one wall with cabinetry. The cabinets will be white with the black-and-white pattern as background.

For the rest of your kitchen, you can choose between staying within the starkly modern aesthetic and softening up the effect. If you want to stick with modern, you should maintain the black-and-white palette with a splash of a single bold color, such as red. To soften the look, use classic kitchen colors such as soft yellow and gray with some cozy décor mixed in.

Family-Friendly Design

The kitchen is often the center of home and hearth. As such, you may choose not to decorate it according to décor styles but rather as a friendly beckoning to your family. Any time you choose bright, even primary, colors, you can denote a space as being family-friendly.

So, imagine you start with a bold wallpaper design featuring butterflies, birds, or a geometric print. Such a wall covering would be suitable for welcoming children. However, you can add details within the kitchen that make the overall décor feel more sophisticated. For instance, you could choose a color from the print and paint a wall in a muted tint of that hue.

If your kitchen sees a lot of use because of family activities, make sure you look into the more durable wall covering options. Washable wallpaper would be especially suitable.

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